Sprint: 750m swim, 20km cycling, 5km run
Olympic: 1,5km swim, 40km cycling, 10km run

Starter package

- chip for timing
- start number
- swimming cap
- number for bike and helmet
- refreshments on the track

- bottle
- lunch
- finisher medal

- medical assistance

Age groups


Sprint triathlon (1 circuit = 750m), olympic triathlon (2 circuits = 1,5km)
Wave start:
10:00 Olympic triathlon
10:10 Sprint triathlon
The beginning and the end of the swimming circuit is located in the Wake Soul area in Ratnovská bay near town Piešťany. The swimming track is marked with yellow buoys. During swimming has to be the buoy always on your left hand. The competitor is obliged to use the swimming cap which is part of the starting package. Depending on the water temperature, the Referees may allow the use of swimming neoprene.


Sprint triathlon (1 circuit = 0,9+19+0,9km)
Olympic triathlon (2 circuits = 0,9+2x19+0,9km) 

The cycling track will not be closed. Traffic on it will be limited, dangerous places along the route will be secured by police and organizers. However, competitors are obliged to observe the rules and traffic on the road.
The track is a good quality asphalt road. The elevation of 1 circuit is 100m. The competitor is obliged to have a cycling helmet and must have a clearly visible starting number on the back part of the race. Behind the village of Jalšové there will be a turn in sufficient visible distance with regulated traffic.



Sprint triathlon (1 circuit = 5km), Olympic triathlon (2 circuits = 10km)
It runs on asphalt and low curb walkways. The start number must be clearly visible to the competitor on the front of the body from leaving the depot until the finish. There will be two refreshment stations on the track.
The penalty box will be located at the beginning of the running track.


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